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Testogen is a supplement formulated from 100% natural ingredients that have been clinically tested and proven to increase testosterone production naturally. So what is produced is natural testosterone that is produced by your own body, not artificial testosterone that is put into your body.

This product has been through rigorous clinical trials and has been GMP certified which is FDA approved so that its safety is no doubt and is guaranteed not to give bad side effects to your body because it is truly a natural supplement.

With more testosterone you will have more energy and stamina and testosterone is also very important to increase fat burning and accelerate muscle growth. In addition to increasing testosterone production can also increase your sexual performance and endurance in bed. Testogen can provide very complete benefits for overall male fitness in just one product.

You cannot let your testosterone decrease every year because your performance will decrease and your quality of life will get worse. So before that happens you can overcome everything with Testogen to maintain your performance even though you are getting older.

You just need to consume produk ini regularly and you will get a boost of more energy, faster muscle growth, reduced fat levels, and increasingly outstanding sexual performance.

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How Does Testogen Work?

Testogen works quickly to increase testosterone levels in your body naturally, there is no artificial testosterone or chemicals in it, this product works to stimulate your body to produce more testosterone to meet your body's needs.

Testogen has 11 very powerful natural ingredients to boost the production of testosterone in your body by increasing the luteinizing hormone which can help release more testosterone. In these 11 ingredients there is D-aspartic acid which has been tested and proven to increase the luteinizing hormone by up to 33% and that is it. more when compared to other testosterone boosting products.

Testogen has ingredients that act as antioxidants. The antioxidants that have been identified can protect the germinal epithelium and Leydig cells from oxidative stress, one of the herbal ingredients that are useful for maintaining the quality of the hormone testosterone. If these cells can work properly, more testosterone will be produced.

Testogen is also specially formulated to reduce the levels of SHBG in your body or sex hormones that can bind testosterone. By lowering your SHBG levels, you will get more of the free testosterone you need. That way this productcan be sure to be better than other testosterone boosting products.

The opposite of testosterone is estrogen, and every year testosterone in the body will be converted to estrogen, which means your testosterone will decrease. Therefore Testogen works to inhibit the conversion of testosterone to estrogen so that your testosterone levels are higher than estrogen for a longer time and for your performance not going downhill fast.

What Can Testogen Provide?

Increase Energy And Stamina

With stable testosterone you will have more energy when you wake up every day, make all your activities better because you do it with full energy and stamina. You don't feel tired easily and can concentrate more on all the things you are doing.

Accelerate Muscle Growth

Muscle building when it affects your testosterone levels, if you experience low testosterone you will definitely find it more difficult to build your muscles. Therefore increasing your testosterone production will help you to speed up the process of your muscle growth without you feeling stressed.

Accelerate Fat Burning

Apart from increasing testosterone, Testogen has ingredients that can work to increase fat burning in the body. And actually higher testosterone can also help your body to accelerate the burning of your belly fat and other parts of the body.

Increase Vitality And Sexual Arousal

High testosterone will make you more excited during sex and you will really enjoy it, the higher stamina and endurance will make you a real man in bed and you can guarantee satisfaction to your partner. Your sexual life will be better and more enjoyable.

Returns The Quality Of Your Life

By increasing testosterone you can improve your overall quality of life, both your physical and mental performance. You feel that everything is getting better, your focus and concentration will increase and you feel comfortable doing all your hard work.

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Why Is Testogen The Best?

Best Quality

Testogen is created with a very optimal dosage and has been researched in detail to find the right and effective dose for a fast increase in testosterone. Its safety has also been tested and has received a GMP certificate that has been approved by the FDA, so the quality of this product is not in doubt.

100% Safe & Natural

Testogen has been through clinical trials and is FDA approved GMP certified, so you don't need to worry about it because its safety is guaranteed. No bad side effects will happen to your body because all the ingredients used are natural ingredients.

Very Easy To Use

Testogen is an easy way for you to increase testosterone. You only need to add it to your daily supplement which you take 4 capsules every day and you are just waiting for the amazing results in just a few weeks.

100 Day Money Back Guarantee

testogen guarantee

Testogen is very confident in the benefits it offers, therefore can provides a 100-day money back guarantee, that's a very long time for a guarantee. Testogen can provide it because you are very confident that you will be satisfied with the results you will get.

To get this guarantee, you can buy a minimum supply of for more than one month. And if you are not satisfied with the results you get, you can send an email within 100 days after you receive your order and your money will be returned immediately after deducting shipping costs.

You can visit the official website to read more clearly about the terms and conditions of this warranty.

Testogen Ingredients

testogen natural ingredients

D-Aspartic Acid

This amino acid is a very strong amino acid to increase luteinizing hormone, this hormone which plays an important role in stimulating the leydig cells in the testes to produce more testosterone that the body needs. This amino acid also functions to increase male libido and sexual arousal.

Fenugreek Extract

Fenugreek can be processed in various forms to help treat various health problems. Fenugreek is not only beneficial for women. This plant is also believed to be able to increase male libido. Fenugreek has been shown to increase levels of the hormone testosterone, a hormone that plays an important role in fertility and sexual arousal for men.


Zinc can increase testosterone levels and sperm count in men who are deficient in zinc. This supplement can also be used to treat decreased testosterone levels associated with excessive intensity exercise, prostate swelling, and erectile dysfunction. Meeting your body's need for zinc can stabilize the production of hormones, including testosterone.

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D is fast becoming one of the most popular vitamins in the world. Vitamin D has a variety of health benefits, and can also act as a natural testosterone booster. Taking Vitamin D3 per day increases testosterone levels by about 25 percent.

Korean Red Ginseng Extract

Ginseng has also been used for a long time to increase testosterone and male sexual stamina and performance and treat premature ejaculation. Ginseng is closely related to overall male stamina and strength.


Boron has been shown to be very effective at increasing testosterone rapidly by lowering estradiol levels. Estradiol is a type of estrogen that can cause a decrease in your testosterone levels, lowering estradiol levels can help to maintain your testosterone.

Nettle Leaf Extract

The root of this plant is the part that provides the strongest benefits compared to other parts, the root of this plant is proven to be very effective in reducing female hormones (Estrogen) which means that testosterone will increase.


Magnesium is a natural nutrient that is very useful for increasing the production of testosterone in the body naturally. This ingredient is also useful for improving sleep quality and improving overall men's health.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is a source of energy for your body, can help break down protein and increase metabolism. Vitamin B6 can also increase testosterone production and can reduce the hormone estrogen in the male body.

Vitamin K1

This essential nutrient assists your body with the absorption of vitamin D, ensuring none of the vitamin D in natural testostosterone pills is wasted.


Bioperin comes from black pepper and functions to maximize the absorption of nutrients from other ingredients so that all ingredients can provide maximum benefits.

Testogen User Testimonials

testimonials testogen george

George, Canada

I am 73 years old but have an energy like 20 years younger than my age after using Testogen. At first I felt very lethargic and really felt that something was wrong with my physical condition.

After I used this product for 30 days, the energy in my body gradually started to return. I started to go to the gym again and started training again, I managed to lose 8 pounds and my physique felt stronger, I was able to jog again after 3 years didn't do it.

testimonials testogen marian

Marian, United Kingdom

I used Testogen for 5 weeks and I got positive results, less belly fat and tighter muscles, I got tremendous energy and strength and was able to increase my lifting load.

Initially I only bought one box, but after 3 weeks of use I had amazing results and I ended up buying 2 additional boxes for my stock. I got my goal of increasing strength and destroying my body fat and gaining more muscle mass and Testogen can provide that for me.

testimonials testogen pero

Pero, North Macedonia

I use Testogen to increase testosterone so that my performance and strength will increase when training in the gym. I have been using it for 2 months I feel my endurance is getting stronger, fat levels are decreasing, besides that my sex drive is getting higher and I sleep more soundly every night.

I don't feel tired easily when training in the gym makes my training more effective, my weight continues to decrease because the fat content is reduced and replaced with bigger and stronger muscles.

testimonials testogen greg

Greg, United States

My goal with using Testogen is to increase strength and gain more muscle. After a month of use I started to get an increase in my muscles and strength. I'm 71 years old and I'm still training in the gym 5 days a week.

Lifting weights and doing cardio, I want to get more muscle mass and better physical strength. Testogen really helps me to do all of that, giving my body the energy boost it needs.

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How To Buy Testogen In Canada

Testogen is not sold in any online store, you can only buy it online on the Official Website, so you have to be careful if you find it in other online stores because there is no guarantee what you can get.

You can get one box of Testogen for CA$74.99, and one box is enough for your supplies for one month.

If you want a lower price, you can take advantage of the attractive offers provided such as:

Buy 2 months, get 1 month FREE, you can get 3 boxes and only pay the price of 2 boxes, which is CA$149.99

Buy 3 months, get 2 months FREE, you can get 5 boxes and only pay the price of 3 boxes which is CA$224.99

You can save even more money if you choose this package offer. You can see other attractive offers directly on the Official Site.

You can also get other interesting bonuses for free such as Muscle Building Workout Guides, Recipes for Men's Health, and Exclusive Weekly Lifestyle Video Content. Everything you can get in your purchase package.

Free Worldwide Shipping including Canada. There are several payment methods provided, you can choose the payment method you want.

Your order will be sent confidentially and very safely, there is no description of the product outside the package package.

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